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This podcast is for school counselors who are looking to hear and share ideas, talk through or listen in on issues that are challenging counselors, and learn from a variety of experts related to the work of school counseling.


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    S2 E31: End of year burnout SEASON FINALE

    May 7th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  17 mins 37 secs

    Today Nate talks with our elementary school peeps about burnout

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    S2 E30: Equity and Inclusion in our schools

    May 1st, 2023  |  Season 2  |  15 mins 9 secs

    Today Nate talks about equity and inclusion in our schools and the challenges we sometimes face

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    S2 E29: School Pulse

    April 24th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  25 mins 51 secs

    Today Nate talks with Iuri Melo, owner and founder of School Pulse, a service for schools.

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    S2 E28: Starting Little Ending Big! Self Care, not Selfies! Get off your phone and take care

    April 17th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  20 mins 56 secs

    Today Nate speaks with our elementary school team about how we can better practice self care

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    S2 E27: Let's talk about burnout

    April 3rd, 2023  |  Season 2  |  17 mins 50 secs

    USCA podcast hosts, Hill & Nate, interview [Cami Clark from the Odyssey House]. Recorded on [11/20/2020].

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    S2 E 26: Empowering Students

    March 27th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  15 mins 21 secs

    Welcome to another episode of "The Sounding Board," where school counselors share ideas. Today, we're talking about student empowerment and how school counselors can help students feel more confident and in control of their lives

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    S2 E25: Helping Students With Anxiety

    March 20th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  21 mins 33 secs

    On todays episode, Nate talks about anxiety and how we can help our students who struggle to cope with it

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    S2 E24: Emotional Intelligence

    March 12th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  14 mins 47 secs

    Today on the show, our counselors discuss emotional intelligence and how we can help our kids have a strong EQ

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    S2 E23: Students in Trauma

    March 4th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  14 mins 26 secs

    In todays episode, Nate talks about dealing with trauma and students

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    S2 E22: Teaching Kindness

    February 28th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  22 mins 44 secs

    This weeks episode is all about kindness and teaching it in the classroom

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    S2 E21: Classroom Management in counseling

    February 20th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  24 mins 56 secs

    On this weeks episode, Nate and our guests talk about classroom management skills and where we use them in our profession

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    S2 E20 National School Counseling Week

    February 13th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  16 mins 48 secs

    Today Nate and our wonderful elementary school counselors talk about how we can work WITH our admin and teachers and how we can collaborate with our community.

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    S2E19: USCA Board Elections

    February 6th, 2023  |  Season 2  |  11 mins 14 secs

    Today Nate talks about the upcoming USCA board elections and how you can get involved!

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    s2 E18: Holiday Blues

    December 18th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  12 mins 51 secs

    Today Nate talks about the Holiday Blues and what we can do to avoid them. this will be the last episode for a couple months as we enjoy the holidays and we will be back at the start of second semester!

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    S2 E17: Freshmen CCR's

    December 11th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  21 mins 49 secs

    Today, Nate talks about Freshmen CCR's

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    S2 E16: Starting Little Ending Big, Red Ribbon Week

    December 4th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  21 mins 20 secs

    Today with our awesome elementary school counseling crew, we talk about red ribbon week.